About Us

Main Link Industries Inc., an American company, offers a wide range of manufacturing and product sourcing services in Asia and especially in China.

All of our cast iron products are manufactured by our joint venture Dalian Huayu Main Link Foundry. We have been casting gray & ductile iron products for the US commercial drainage & specification drainage market since 1997.

Our steel products are fabricated by Xiamen Main Link Grease Interceptor Mfg. Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Main Link Industries. At present, this plant specializes in the manufacture of grease interceptors, traps and separators of different styles in hot rolled, cold rolled and stainless steel. Products are made in accordance with the applicable standards for both the North American and South American markets. We are looking to expand our product mix into other areas of steel fabricating, pipe and conduit supports, for instance, and to include custom steel fabricating.

Our strength lies in communication, in commercial language as well as in technical details. We understand the function, use and installation requirements of the products we manufacture. And if it is something new to us we learn about it. We often assist our customers with product engineering and testing, as well as packaging design, to insure that all special and individual customer needs are satisfied.

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