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Product Introduction

1. General Plumbing Products �C Included here are brass and bronze valves, flexible water connection hoses, supply stops, faucets, shower heads and fixtures, sink drains, brass tubular products, backflow and anti-siphon devices, water closet floor flanges and shower drains. Many of these products, such as gas ball valves, have AGA, CGA, UPC, IAPMO, NSF and/or ASSE approvals. Many of these products can be supplied in component form.

2. Commercial Plumbing and Drainage Products �C Included here are roof drains, floor drains, grates, strainers, cleanouts, plugs, sanitary floor sinks, traps, water closet floor fittings, water closet carrier fittings, plumbing fixture carriers, grease interceptors, no hub pipe, no hub pipe fittings, no hub couplings, valves, valve components and wall hydrants. These products may be in brass, bronze, stainless steel, cast iron, steel, rubber, ABS, PVC or a combination of these. As with our General Plumbing Products, many of these products carry one or more of the previously listed approvals as well as PDI-G101 or ASTM.

3. Metal Castings �C Included here are raw castings in iron, brass, bronze and stainless steel as well as finished and semi-finished machined castings. These are supplied primarily for the automotive, material handling and farm equipment industries.

4. Metal Forgings �C Included here are finished and semi-finished forged steel products such as steering gear and suspension components. Also included here are forged carbon steel hydraulic fittings and hydraulic connection assemblies, conforming to various SAE, DIN, JIC and other standards.

5. Formed Metal and Plastic Products �C Included here are a wide variety of product display fixtures (such as shoe and clothes display racks) and signage for the department store (retail) industry. These may be finished in triple chrome plate, powder coat or other paint or to virtually any customer requirement. Often these are done in combination with acrylic or PETG accessories such as sign holders.

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